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Witnesses and Messengers (2017-18)


The pretext for my current body of work begins about a decade ago, when I began collecting black and white photographs from the mid-twentieth century to use as reference material in paintings about nostalgia, memory, and longing. Today, I am revisiting these ideas to present a new contextualization of these images and themes for a different time; a different time for me, and with a different perspective of this era in American history.

In larger oil paintings, vintage, unknown figures are combined with imagery selected from magazine advertisements that are staged to elicit another time or place. It is through this layered and collage-like process that I am investigating the deepening rift between the past and the present; between an era of collective aspirations with an era of corporately manufactured desires. Simultaneously, the inclusion of seemingly disparate references act to collapse or confuse timelines and complicate any straightforward interpretation of narrative.