I am looking for a periodic assistant to work with me on restorations, art commissions, and general studio help. If expected upcoming projects are approved, assistant hours would average about 15 hours per month at $20 per hour from September 2022 through January 2023. The ideal candidate is:

  • A recent BFA graduate
  • Lives in the Fort Worth area
  • Looking for a mentor and to gain new experiences
  • Experienced with a variety of painting techniques and has basic woodshop skills
  • Experienced with WordPress (a plus)

As an artist who works full-time for a museum, I get a limited number of hours in the studio each week, yet regularly have the opportunity to bid on large, exciting projects. Having a flexible partner who can periodically work evenings and weekends with me allows me to accept projects that come my way. In addition to project-based assistance, I am also in need of some archive/file management organization and website assistance, specifically, setting up my online store. I love working with young artists and being a mentor; I am where I am today because of the artists who mentored me. While work hours might be few and sporadic, based on the availability of commissions, I am looking for someone for whom I can be an asset to in their professional development as an artist. If interested, please send to devonnowlin(at)gmail(dot)com by September 5:

  • Letter of interest
  • Resume of art and work history
  • Five-to-ten images of your work, with variety of forms and techniques a plus
  • Emails for two art references (art professors or other mentors)

Please see my blog post about the Cowgirl Museum’s horse as an example of upcoming restoration commissions that require paint stripping, HPLV paint spraying, and a lot of sanding.

This is “Dottie!”