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Witnesses and Messengers (2017-18)


About a decade ago I began collecting black and white photographs from the mid-twentieth century to use as reference material in paintings about nostalgia, memory, and longing. The work in this gallery represents a new contextualization of this imagery and theme for a different time; a different time for me, and with a different perspective of this era in our country’s history and how we as Americans (so differently) perceive it today.

Transposed with these vintage figures, in some paintings, is imagery selected from magazine advertisements that are staged to elicit nostalgia. Combined in this way, I am looking at this deepening rift between these two times; an era of collective aspirations with an era of corporately manufactured desires. At least this is what I think I am doing – sometime it takes hindsight to really figure out what it is that I’m doing. Sometimes the painting has to come first.