Trailing the Trinity

Trailing the Trinity
Devon Nowlin

And Oxbow Traces
by Tommy Fitzpatrick

Two large murals were commissioned by Fort Worth Public Art by myself and Tommy Fitzpatrick as integrated artworks on the Clearfork Main Street bridge. This new vehicular bridge has a suspended pedestrian bridge below it which provides access to both sides of the river to walkers, runners and bikers. The murals were completed and installed in July of 2013.

Fitzpatrick and I worked together to develop the material approach to the murals which are automotive enamel on aluminum. My work, “Trailing the Trinity” is on the west side of the bridge, and Fitzpatrick’s is on the east. We created the imagery to be representative of our work as individual artists. I assisted Fitzpatrick in the production of his mural, as well as my own, by acting as the project manager through the creation of digital renderings, metal panel fabrication, painting, and installation.

“Trailing the Trinity” represents the past, present and future of the river and its impact on the city of Fort Worth. The city was founded in the mid-19th century with the Edwards Ranch on today’s bridge site, represented by the two cowboys which were modeled from photos of cowboys working the ranch. The middle panel represents the current usage of the many miles of hike and bike trails and paved paths along the river front. The right panel pictures a woman in a canoe, looking forward to downtown and the future of increased water recreation that will continue to link the city through the beloved river.